[41] Be Free - December 4, 2019

In today's episode I wanted to go over the 5 books that have had the most impact on me in an overwhelming sense of the Continue Reading

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(EP24) Once in a Lifetime Experiences with Shane Mahoney

Ever dreamed of becoming James Bond for a day? Shane Mahoney, owner of Lugos Travel, is here to make that dream — along with anything else you can imagine — a reality. As a travel company whose mission is to provide once in a lifetime, personalized experiences, they are committed to having every moment of your vacation scheduled, paid for, and ready to go — all you have to do is enjoy the moment.   Covered in this episode: Can […]

(EP23) “Rhino-preneur” Ali Zamany

Ali Zamany: immigrant, entrepreneur, family man… and rhino. Listen in to this week’s guest share his journey: from coming to the United States as a child, living on welfare, and not knowing the language, to earning a billion dollars in sales through his own company, American Smart Home. Like a rhino, he targeted his goals and blazed ahead — nothing could get in his way.   Covered in this episode: Dissecting social media: what’s real, and what’s merely an unobtainable […]

(EP22) Getting Paid with Dennis Peck

Looking for the best way to receive payments for your goods or services? Then a merchant account may be exactly what you’re looking for. Join Rondi and expert guest Dennis Peck discuss the ins and outs of merchant accounts.   Covered in this episode: Importance of communication: why you need to have a merchant account service that not only is available for open communication, but also understands your business The greatest ways to save money (and to avoid losing it) […]

Rondi Lambeth

“Rondi Lambeth is an award-winning TV and Radio Show host, best-selling author, and credit expert frequently featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News and NBC. He has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people on stages all across the world including Harvard. Over a decade ago Rondi founded Fortress Credit Pro, America’s first 100% paid on performance credit repair company.”


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